Jun 06 2023

Hello, It has been a while. The frost lifted and the snow stopped falling, it was time to start managing our acres of land and prepare for renovating more of the old house. Also, mom duties call as activities picked up for the end of the school year. My artist life is when I can fit the time in. When time has been restored to me, I will resume uploading my art and managing my shops. This is why I LOVE PODs, even tho I am busy the store is always open. :)

Apr 10 2023

I hope that you had a nice weekend! We had a sunny weekend and the snow is now gone, so we got started on some yard work. Working on this house will be our weekend life, until it becomes too cold to handle the tools. This week I will be adding flowering trees to my gallery. Today I added pictures of the Star Magnolia that used to grow in our backyard in Washington State. The spring rains and winds would take away the flowers very quickly, so I would have to act fast if I wanted to take any pictures of the magnolia blossoms. You can look forward to seeing flowers from a cherry tree, a plum tree, a crab apple tree, lilac and a dogwood this week. The dogwood may be only in black and white. The crab apple tree, I photographed that with a sepia filter on my lens. I love the red and tan hues together. I hope that you have a great week!

Apr 03 2023

This week I will be adding photographs of arachnids to my gallery. Today I added pictures of crab spiders. Tomorrow I will add nursery spiders, then jumping spiders (which are my favorite spiders). And another favorite arachnid addition will be on Thursday, the harvestmen (a.k.a daddy long legs, not a spider). Friday I will not be making any additions, as it is our 22nd anniversary and my husband took the day off from work to spend the day together. I do not have a lot of arachnid photographs, so to those who do not care for these creatures, you don't have to worry about seeing them often. I'll post some more pleasant visuals next week. Have a great week!

Mar 27 2023

I hope that you had a great Spring weekend. Spring is not exactly here for us yet, but I thought this week is a great time to add photographs of flowers that I took in gardens. Today was day-lily day. Irises and Tulips will be added next. Mother's Day is around the corner and flowers always make a wonderful gift. Have you ever considered giving mom a picture of a plant/flower to go along with a potted/planted gift? These gifts last longer than the cut flowers. And spending time with mom in the garden is always nice. Except when she finds that you pulled out plants that looked like grass/weeds to you! Even if it were, weeds are native and belong, and grass is necessary! ....Anyways. Fill those flowerbeds, they'll be less maintenance and great for pollinators and fireflies who are going extinct. Also, I offer another nature tip: if you do not live in a nature rich environment, but do have furry pets, or just cut your long hair, you can put fur/hair in a collection spot for the critters to use to build nests with. We use the suet feeder that people have left behind. We only feed the birds a natural liquid diet, they need to eat the bugs and spread the seeds. A hummingbird feeder only needs sugar and water, no dye, no store bought syrup. Keep in sunlight, wash often and rinse with vinegar. Have a great week!

Mar 20 2023

Happy Spring! This week will be a busy week for me. I will not be posting on Friday. Thursday is a possibility if I have the time. Because of the snowstorm last week, I did not have the chance to add all of the bee and butterfly pictures that I wanted to, so I will continue that theme for this week. In other news, I am excited about the announcement from about the book printing program. I will certainly make files ready to print in book format one day! I have made coloring books and portfolio books before at, but the lower cost by is refreshing, especially since just increased their prices. Have a great week!

Mar 13 2023

Hello, I hope that you had a good weekend. I will be adding photographs of butterflies and bees this week. But, I am unsure of how many days will be available to do this work. We have a very late in the season, Nor'easter coming tomorrow. If the power goes out, I will post when I can when the power comes back on. However, I was not planning on uploading any pictures on Friday, as I will have a busy weekend. But maybe the snowstorm will cancel these plans, and we will have power. It's a see what happens week. Stay Safe!

Mar 06 2023

Hey There! This week I have decided to add pictures of waterfalls to my gallery. I figured since Spring is right around the corner, maybe my pictures could help inspire your next trip. Springtime is one of the best times to go to waterfalls. Today's uploads are from a waterfall that I used to live near, Little Mashel Falls. This trail is usually covered in mud and was not well marked. Some people opt to park by a trespassing sign and get their vehicles broken into or stolen; even towed away when the railway company has had enough. You should park in one of the town parking lots that are provided for the trails. And never keep items in view. And be safe, people have died here. Be aware, Washington State has a homeless crisis that they are not solving. People go from living in the cities for the cold months, then move to the forests in the warm months. Eatonville is a small town, with independent businesses, don't forget to tour them. John Cena's tv series, Grit, was film in these woods. The nearby lake, used to be a town. They flooded it for hydro-power. There are still remains below the water and it's very sooty water. The town offers a great view of Mount Rainier, you'll want to save some battery power for that. Stay tuned-in for tomorrow's waterfall. Have a great night!

Mar 02 2023

I have not found time to post to my account this week. However, I did work a little bit on my ko-fi account. Over there, I decided to add a few wallpapers for mobile devices. The encouragement is for the shop to have some free items. Donations are always welcomed. Monthly subscribers is highly encouraged, but I cannot guarantee any time for anyone outside of my home, so I don't have that plan active. I added these eight pictures of waterfalls that I photographed in Washington State, California, Idaho and New Hampshire as mobile wallpaper for free/pay what you what. There will only be 100 sales of each image allowed. My ko-fi page with the waterfall wallpapers can be found at: Have a great weekend!

Feb 20 2023

This week I will be adding pictures that I have taken in National Parks. Today's uploads was from Yellowstone, as it was the first established U.S. National Park, thanks to the dedicated efforts of bringing this country to protect the natural world by John Muir, Ansel Addams, and to the President that love the land, Roosevelt, for declaring it so. Which led to a global effect of other countries doing the same and establishing their own National Parks. There will be pictures from the Arches, Yosemite, Lassen Volcanic and Mount Rainier. I hope that you have a great week!

Jan 23 2023

Hello! Are you getting any snow? We finally have! It should have started to snow in November. Last night it started to snow a little; it was switching between temperatures. This afternoon it has stopped and now we have a good amount of snow on the ground. Maybe 14 inches. More snow is suppose to come this week too! YAY! This week I am adding pictures from my Humpback Whale collection. The first set is titled, 'The Bird that Woke the Whales', and I gave the story of the images in the description of each upload. If I miss a day this week, it is because we should never have had an electrical grid system of exposed lines. Have a great week!