Apr 22 2024

Happy Earth Day! Every day should be treating the only place in the universe keeping us alive much better.
I have created four conservation art pieces. One is of a humpback whale and the conservation message is, "Conservation is only successful with your help". There is a green seaturtle swimming towards the sandy bottom of the ocean with a message saying, "Respect life, keep the ocean clean". Then there is a selection of pollinators saying, "No pollinators, no life". Which is true, because they keep the plants reproducing for everyone to eat. And we should not keep replacing everything with AI. The fourth one is of a puffin at the ocean with a message that says, "Taking too much has consequences". We have already come to this point in life. There are animals starving to death and cannot successfully reproduce because people have taken too much out of the oceans, have taken too much from the forests, have turned the soil into infertile useless grounds.
These conservation awareness digital paintings are available to purchase on t-shirts, wall art, accessories, mugs and other items from my shops at Zazzle, TeePublic, ArtWanted and Threadless.
Have a great week!

Apr 16 2024

It was our anniversary and I photographed the solar eclipse!
We had our fist getaway since being legally married by a Justice of the Peace 23 years ago. There was no wedding. There was no honeymoon. It was a quick decision for a life in the Air Force. It was many years of struggling financially as the government only paid $900 a month to begin with. We learned to live off of credit. It was easier to pay $30 a month per loan for furniture, dishes, linens, then to take a decade of saving up pennies to buy furniture and dishes in the future when we needed those things now. We did absolutely nothing but stay home for several years. It wasn't until I was forced by base housing to birth our second child weeks early, to move to England for a few years that we started going sightseeing. Never was a fan of crowded places so, not going to restaurants or concerts wasn't a problem. But being in England, we must go see the ancient structures and old buildings. And in England is where I started my photography journey.
Fast forward twenty years and we are back in our home state and done with the Air Force. We have a total solar eclipse coming in our area and we(I) don't have to be around the kids 24/7! WHAT! We must go see this once in a lifetime event! And so we had our fist time away from kids on our own. And everyone survived.
Seeing the solar eclipse for the first time in my life was magical. The temperature dipped as it became totality. The colors of nature darkened. It was quiet. And then the crowd cheered. And then after totality the crowd departed. We stayed a bit longer, until my battery was nearly depleted. I had forgotten to charge the battery the night before. I had used it to take our anniversary pictures. And I cannot find the second battery. Or maybe having a second battery for this new camera is a false memory from having multiple batteries from my previous Dslr.
After reviewing my photographs, I came up with these ideas on how to present my solar eclipse art. I created an eclipse phase diagram in the shape of number seven. I simple added the first phases of the eclipse under one of the totality pictures. Then after enhancing one of the totality pictures I saw that one of the planets was visible and the background was filled with rings. So I made this one a digital colored pencil sketch. And for the fourth one, I simply added the phases of the 2024 solar eclipse over the area we were at for the event.
My solar eclipse artworks are placed in the new folder, Astronomy.
I hope that you enjoy your week!

Mar 14 2024

New for 2024! Color In Nature Coloring Books. Ten grayscale themed coloring books were created out of Kimberly’s photographs. Hundreds of pictures were used, plus, a brand new art piece was created for this coloring book series.
The themes for the 60 grayscale coloring pages are: Wildlife, Landscape, Insects, Plants. The themes for the 25 grayscale coloring pages are: Butterflies, Cervidae, Reptiles & Amphibians, Life at the Ocean, Birds. The tenth book is an alphabet book. I got creative with the abc's for this one, using landscapes, plants and animals to get from A to Z.
Go to the store to purchase a printed copy or a pdf file of these coloring books. I can't wait for my copies to arrive! Have a great weekend!

Dec 05 2023

Seasons Greetings! Do you have snow yet? We do not. :( It is very brown outside when it should be covered in soft white stuff that makes everyone forget what they know..... like driving. ;p I have added my last artworks for 2023 to my print shops; ArtWanted, Zazzle, TeePublic, Threadless. These pieces are a landscape series inspired by old tourism travel posters. You will see a poster for these states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington State. I have a few favorites from this series and I hope that you do to! Have a great month long celebration of the Solstice! See you sometime in 2024!

Oct 26 2023

Quick! While the sun is behind a cloud! I can now see my computer screen. :0)
I added four more swan pictures today. Two tundra swans, a mute swan and a black swan. They are in the BIRDS folder. I have also updated my Fine Art America gallery this week with a new set of photographs. The Mount Rainier National Park in black and white set of photographs, have been moved to my Zazzle store. There are now roses, camellias and cinquefoils at FAA.
I made a layout change to my WordPress site. It has been simplified with less pages.
I closed my Society6 account, on the account of them deciding it would be great to take more from artists by charging them for shipping and handle of products that customers buy, and then charge artists to use the site, whilst limiting what they can earn and do there.
In FOUR days, it will be HALLOWEEN! Are you excited? We are! We are dressing up with some family members for the first time ever. Have a great weekend!

Oct 18 2023

I added a new bird to my portfolio today. A pair of Coscoroba Swans. These birds are native to South America. They are not true swans. They are also not true geese either. These white medium sized waterfowls have orange bills and feet, with black coloring on their wing feathers. I photographed this pair at a zoo in Washington State. I am grateful to the bird for being active at the pond so that I may create these stunning images. :-) Shop for these pictures in my Birds Folder. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Oct 16 2023

It was a busy summer and the rest of the year does not seem to be slowing down for us. I have set time aside to create two 2024 wall calendars for you, and us. My husband usually wants a landscape calendar to reminisce over all the trips we have gone on. This 2024 calendar features photographs taken around our home state, New Hampshire. And I wanted a floral calendar in black and white. I chose the Hydrangea plant for the subject of my 2024 calendar. Visit, to view and purchase these 2024 wall calendars. You can shop for the landscape pictures in my New Hampshire folder at: And if you're interested in buying any of the Hydrangea prints, you can find those pictures in the Plants folder: Thank you for shopping for my art! Happy Halloween!

Jun 06 2023

Hello, It has been a while. The frost lifted and the snow stopped falling, it was time to start managing our acres of land and prepare for renovating more of the old house. Also, mom duties call as activities picked up for the end of the school year. My artist life is when I can fit the time in. When time has been restored to me, I will resume uploading my art and managing my shops. This is why I LOVE PODs, even tho I am busy the store is always open. :)

Apr 10 2023

I hope that you had a nice weekend! We had a sunny weekend and the snow is now gone, so we got started on some yard work. Working on this house will be our weekend life, until it becomes too cold to handle the tools. This week I will be adding flowering trees to my gallery. Today I added pictures of the Star Magnolia that used to grow in our backyard in Washington State. The spring rains and winds would take away the flowers very quickly, so I would have to act fast if I wanted to take any pictures of the magnolia blossoms. You can look forward to seeing flowers from a cherry tree, a plum tree, a crab apple tree, lilac and a dogwood this week. The dogwood may be only in black and white. The crab apple tree, I photographed that with a sepia filter on my lens. I love the red and tan hues together. I hope that you have a great week!

Apr 03 2023

This week I will be adding photographs of arachnids to my gallery. Today I added pictures of crab spiders. Tomorrow I will add nursery spiders, then jumping spiders (which are my favorite spiders). And another favorite arachnid addition will be on Thursday, the harvestmen (a.k.a daddy long legs, not a spider). Friday I will not be making any additions, as it is our 22nd anniversary and my husband took the day off from work to spend the day together. I do not have a lot of arachnid photographs, so to those who do not care for these creatures, you don't have to worry about seeing them often. I'll post some more pleasant visuals next week. Have a great week!